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International Scope

S.C.Pro-Tech Solutions is an international company with a strong presence on many countries spread in all 5 continents. Our international character is also reflected in our personnel which consists of carefully chosen local experts in every country we have offices, giving us the unique position to offer solutions for the local and international market.

Passion for Solving Problems

S.C.Pro-Tech Solutions personnel always seek for opportunities to implement ambitious projects in challenging environments. It is believed strongly here at S.C.Pro-Tech Solutions that by providing technologically advanced telecommunication solutions to our clients, we enable them grow their business, increase their customers' loyalty and significantly strengthen their presence in their market.

Professionalism and Guarantee of Quality

Every project is carried out with maximum responsibility and professionalism. Our clients can always rely on receiving technologically advanced services of high quality. Special care is taken so our solutions will be easily integrated into clients existing systems without the need of spending on additional resources from their side.

Customer Satisfaction and Flexibility

S.C.Pro-Tech Solutions customers are always seen as partners and one of our highest priorities is their satisfaction. We always offer our customers personalized solutions that meet all their requirements. Our clients can choose from a wide range of flexible solutions in order to fulfil their mission.

Innovation and Creativity

We stay ahead of competition by constantly improving our current services and products, while we develop new ideas and services for our clients. Our inspiration drives us to develop new innovative solutions that will stand out and succeed in a competitive environment. MobiWeb highly qualified personnel is passionate to creativity and is at the edge of the technology.

Reliability and Security

By distributing our systems and platforms to the largest cloud data centers spanning over 4 continents we achieve maximum reliability and zero downtime of our services. We build MobiWeb services with security in mind, as we take every step necessary to secure sensitive client data over our networks.

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